Anne is the co-founder and driving force behind the Cetacean Summit - an annual gathering of whale and dolphin wisdom teachers, communicators,

channels  and healers.  The next

Summit will be in Kona, Hawaii, 2019

Anne is a co-author of the Amazon Best Selling book, Dolphins & Whales Forever.  She is also the author of the upcoming books, Listening with your Heart and Jungle Love - My Life with the Emberá tribe of Panama.

Anne is the creator of Whale Wear, an all natural hemp-blend line of clothing with dolphin and whale inspired designs hand-sewn by ladies from the Kuna tribe of Panama, who are paid based on Fair Trade practices.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind, wearable art.

Anne is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practitioner.  DEH is a deeply respectful, highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing. During a session Anne often receives meaningful visions and messages for her clients. 

Join Anne on a magical trip to a remote location around the world to connect on a deep spiritual level as well as observe and swim with wild whales and dolphins. 

Anne founded Whale Watching Panama to share her love, knowledge and passion for the whales, dolphins and the sea with others.  She is dedicated to responsible, educational and fun whale watching tours.

Travel with Anne's tour company to meet her Emberá family.  Her tours are respectful and honor the indigenous culture.  You will feel like you stepped into National Geographic! 

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I am an American woman living in Panama. I came to Panama to work on a film as an animal trainer and met my future husband, a man from the Emberá tribe who lived with his family in a traditional village deep in the rain forest of Panama.  I was happy in my life in the US, but learned a long time ago to follow my heart. By doing so, it has created a whole new and amazing life as honored family and member of the Emberá tribe.  I began and operate a popular tour company to visit the Emberá village.  

I grew up in Washington state boating and watching orca whales.  I was the first person to open a whale watching company in the country of Panama. I am also a Dolphin Energy Healer and love to help people open up to the spiritual aspect of nature and the whales and dolphins. I love to share my story, my life, my Emberá family and whale and dolphin friends with others on a tour, through my books or public speaking.

"I love to inspire others to follow their heart and find their passion in life."

Anne Gordon de Barrigón

Emberá friend & family member, Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational

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Anne is an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker who can adapt her talk to any group. She will touch your heart and inspire you to follow your passion. 


​ “In my work with dolphins and whales, I have been told again and again that they are healers and love working with people.  Anne Gordon is a  gifted facilitator of this special healing energy and I am excited that it is now available to everyone." ​-Mary Getten, Animal Communicator and  Author of ​Communicating with Orcas

 "We had the most amazing 3 days with Anne and her friends! She is so knowledgeable of the area and the animals and birds in it. She makes  the  experience so very interesting as she explains about whale facts, current research, and stories of other encounters. Who knew whales left  footprints! Her enthusiasm is so infectious and her joy in sharing is wonderful." ​- Mary Ellen Wexler

​ Panama is a great destination for those with cultural curiosity. Anne Gordon and her Emberá Village Tours bring this fascinating country and its  diverse communities to life in a remarkable way. I can't imagine a more engaging, informative and delightful guide than Anne. Spending time with  her is an experience not to be missed. - Trip Advisor review​​

Anne Gordon de Barrigón with a  temporary  Emberá

tattoo used in  traditional shamanic ceremonies.

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