Anne Gordon de Barrigón

Emberá friend & family member, Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational


Jungle Love  tells the true story of how Anne met and married a young man from the Emberá tribe in Panama.  The Emberá tribe still live in traditional villages deep in the rain forest. They live without electricity, internet and cell phone signal.  Family and community are their number one priorities. An tells how she, as an American woman has been completely accepted and integrated into her new family and the tribe. 

This book is currently being written and will be available soon.

Listening with your Heart is all about Anne's previous career working training animals for the film industry.  In this book she openly shares the insightful life lessons she learned from many of the animals she came in contact with. Her stories are touching and will help the reader to also learn to listen with their heart too.   Click on the button below to read the first chapter of this book.  

This book is currently being edited and will be available soon.

Dolphins & Whales Forever is a collaboration of inspiring life experiences from some of the world's top whale and dolphin visionaries, including Anne Gordon de Barrigón.  Each chapter of this exciting new book is written by a different whale and dolphin wisdom teacher, healer or communicator from around the world.  These stories will touch your heart and help you open a spiritual connection with dolphins and whales. 
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