Anne Gordon de Barrigón

Emberá friend & family member, Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational

Public Speaking

Spirit Walks help you to connect with the spirits and devas that exist all around us in nature.  Anne will lead you first in a guided meditation to help you open up to the spirit that lives in everything, a tree, leaf, stick or rock.  Then you will walk with her in nature and she will point out fairy gathering places, power spots and help you to connect on your own with the spirits of nature all around us.

Dolphin Playshops are great fun for any group. Anne will share about how the dolphins represent Joy, Play and Flow. You will learn in a playful way how to be more joyful and bring more play and flow into your life.  She will lead you through some games to put you back in touch with your Joy.  She will lead a guided meditation to meet your Dolphin or Whale Spirit Guide and conduct a group Dolphin and Whale Healing Energy session with messages for the entire group.

Anne is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practitioner.  She can do one-on-one and group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.  Group sessions can be done anywhere.  They do not have to be done in the water with dolphins, but that can be arranged too. In these sessions, Anne steps aside and invites the dolphins (and whales) to come in to share their healing energy and share their wisdom messages with the group.  Many have found these sessions to be incredibly powerful.

 Spirit Walks

 Dolphin Playshop

Group Dolphin Energy Healing

Anne's guided meditations come directly from spirit.  She simply connects in and allows the meditation to flow through her naturally.  Each meditation is geared specifically for each group. Click on the button below to listen to one of Anne's powerful meditations. 

Anne has been invited as an advisor to the International Whaling Commission's Whale Watch Workshp and participated in the World Cetacean Alliance Responsible Whale Watch working group.  She is passionate about sharing with others how they can offer more responsible tours or be a more responsible traveler.

Anne enjoys teaching and helping others to open up and develop  their own personal spiritual relationship with the whales and dolphins.

She has received some powerful messages and advice from the whales and dolphins and welcomes any opportunity to share them with others.  

To inquire about her availability to speak at your event.

Anne loves to share her inspirational story about how she followed her heart in all of her major life decisions.  Beginning with leaving a stable job with a zoo to starting her first company training wild animals for educational programs to deciding to leave the USA to marry a man from the Emberá tribe in the jungles of Panama!

Guided Meditations

Responsible Tourism &/or Whale Watching

Whale & Dolphin Wisdom

Anne sharing the Emberá culture with a tour group.

Anne's Story

Anne is available for speaking to any kind of event, festival, conference, convention, women's retreats, spiritual events, clubs, etc., anywhere in the world.  

She can speak on a wide range of topics, such as how a middle class American woman met and married a man from the Emberá tribe who still live in traditional villages in the rain forests of Panama.  Anne has trusted her 'gut' and followed her heart in every major life decision and she is happy to share all about that.  She can also speak about the Spiritual aspect of the whales and dolphins, Responsible Tourism and Whale Watching and she leads powerful Guided Meditations and can do group Dolphin Energy Healing sessions , leading Spirit Walks in nature and offer a fun and heart opening Dolphin Playshop .

"Anne is an engaging, fun and charismatic speaker that will entertain, motivate and inspire your group."

     Anne is no stranger to Public Speaking.  Early in her career she raised and trained wild animals for educational programs, teaching a respect for the animal kingdom and all of nature.  At that time she averaged speaking to over 30,000 people each year. 

     Even though she avoided speech class in college for fear of speaking to groups, she quickly realized that when you are sharing something you are passionate about it is easy to speak to any size of group.  She would love to share with your groups her inspirational life story, the spiritual aspect of whales and dolphins, following your heart,  responsible whale watching, etc.