Anne Gordon de Barrigón

Emberá friend & family member, Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational


 Check out below what some of Anne's satisfied clients over the years have to say about her tours, Spiritual retreats and Dolphin Energy Healing.

For Whale Watching Trips:

 "We saw 12-15 whales, too many dolphins to count! Under Anne's careful guidance we swam with them, that experience was AHH-MAZING!! I  have done the swimming with dolphins at resorts but doing this in the wild was a different type of experience. Anne took such good care of us,  taught us a ton without being preachy or lecturing. ​- Tracy Naglebush

 "I have never seen a whale in the wild like this before!! I had no real expectations but when the day was over I couldn't take my mind off of what  I  had experienced :) The experience you have will be unique and genuine no matter what the outcome! Thanks so much Anne for letting us into  your world and sharing with us something so lovely!​ ​- Brandon Mock

"We had such an incredible experience with Anne and her whales.  Swimming with the whales and dolphins in their natural world was incredible. It was magical experiencing them with someone who is so knowledgeable and respectful of these magnificent beings.  Can't wait to do it again!" - Deberah Bringelson, International Business and Empowerment Expert

 "We had the most amazing 3 days with Anne and her friends! She is so knowledgeable of the area and the animals and birds in it. She makes  the  experience so very interesting as she explains about whale facts, current research, and stories of other encounters. Who knew whales left  footprints! Her enthusiasm is so infectious and her joy in sharing is wonderful." ​- Mary Ellen Wexler

For Emberá Village Tours:
​"I cannot tell you what an amazing experience this was. If you are adventurous at all - do this! Anne was our guide (and the business owner). You can only get to the Embera Village by boat. These people are remarkable. Beautiful children. So welcoming. Amazing to see how they live/survive. One of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Thanks Anne !" - Trip Advisor review​

"Anne Gordon lead the Embera village tour on New Year's Eve that we were fortunate enough to experience. She is an exceptional guide, and, as an American who is married to a member of Embera Puru village which we visited, was able to give us extraordinary insights into these fascinating, humane, gentle people, from whom we can learn so much. Panama is a great destination for those with cultural curiosity. Anne Gordon and her Embera Village Tours bring this fascinating country and its diverse communities to life in a remarkable way. I can't imagine a more engaging, informative and delightful guide than Anne. Spending time with her is an experience not to be missed. - Trip Advisor review​​

"I just got back from my second time going to Embera Puru with Embera Village Tours. You know how sometimes, when you do something a second time, you wonder why you thought it was so great the first time? Well, that's not the experience with visiting the Embera because both times have been incredible. The first time, I was blown away by the warmth and genuineness of the people - and this time, I was blown away by the warm welcome back they gave me! Everyone, from the elderly to the youngest kids, greeted me with a hug and a "Bienvenido!" It was amazing". - Trip Advisor review

"I was concerned when my wife said she wanted to visit an Embera village. I thought it would be intrusive. Perhaps offensive. However, meeting, talking, eating and, yes, even dancing with these wonderful people at Anne's village was a curiously laid back and magical experience. The villagers handle their visiting tourists with grace and quiet enthusiasm in explaining their society, social structure, medicines and so on."​ - Trip Advisor review

For Dolphin Energy Healing:

“Anne was able to help to heal my heart.  I felt myself rise to a different frequency.” ​- Debbie S.

​“In my work with dolphins and whales, I have been told again and again that they are healers and love working with people.  Anne Gordon is a  gifted facilitator of this special healing energy and I am excited that it is now available to everyone. Before my dolphin healing energy
session with Anne, I was scheduled for knee surgery.  After, my knee felt so good that I cancelled the operation.  One month later, my knee still feels great!! " ​- Mary J. Getten, Animal Communicator and  Author of ​Communicating with Orcas

 "I was blessed to swim with wild dolphins and whales around the world for a decade and learned a good deal about the intelligence and nature of these cetaceans and other sea creatures. Anne Gordon's readings, based on tuning into the energies and feedback of the dolphins and whales, sounds at first to be on the edge of "woo woo." But I was pleasantly surprised by how correct, grounded and accurate all of her images and insights were when she did a reading for me. What surprised me most is that she saw images of me doing the things I had actually done in the water while swimming with marine life, accompanied by the same kinds of messages I received directly from the dolphins and whales. My reading with Anne was so uncannily accurate that it earned my full trust, not only of her readings, but of Anne as a psychic and healer.”  -  Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill, Author: In the Presence of High Beings, What Dolphins Want you to Know