Anne Gordon de Barrigón

Emberá friend & family member, Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational

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Whale Watching Panama

Take a step back in time with Anne's Emberá Village Tour to meet the friendly people of the Emberá tribe who still live in traditional villages deep in the rainforest of Panamá. 

The Emberá people are proud to share their culture and traditions with visitors.  Spending time on a day or overnight tour with the Emberá people will touch your heart and is an experience you will never forget. 

Emberá Village Tours

Multiple day Retreats and Day tours:

Spend 5 days completely immersed in the healing energies of the whales and dolphins in the tropical paradise of the Pearl islands, Panama.    You will stay on a tranquil island in a beautiful ocean front hotel.  Go out each day on a catamaran sailboat to connect in a respectful, responsible and sustainable manner with the whales and dolphins you will encounter.  Each of our trips has a unique spiritual theme to help you connect on both the physical and spiritual level with the whales and dolphins. Come join us for a truly unforgettable Spiritual Journey.

Come spend a magical week with the friendly Gray Whales of Baja California led by noted Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer, Laurie Reyon and Whale Wisdom Teacher and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon de Barrigón.  Laurie and Anne will help you open up and connect on a deep spiritual level through guided meditations and communications to receive the gifts of wisdom, love and forgiveness from the Gray whales of San Ignacio lagoon. Next trip is February 16-19, 2016, plus optional Blue whale extension Feb. 13 &/or 14, 2016.

Anne would like to offer you the opportunity to go deeper and completely immerse yourself in the Emberá culture. The 

Unplugged Adventures are geared towards young adults, families and corporate team building groups who will benefit by getting away from all of the trappings of technology and the stresses of the "civilized" world to get back to basics and reconnect with each other while living for 2-5 days in the Emberá village. We offer Families Unplugged, Youth Unplugged and Corporate Unplugged 

Adventures.  These trips are offered year-round.

Unplugged Adventures

Gifts from the Gray Whales 

Humpback whales & Dolphins

     Join Anne on one of her Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats around the world to connect on a deep spiritual level with the whales and dolphins as well as observe and maybe even swim with these amazing beings in their natural environment. 

     Or travel to Panama to visit Anne in her home country and take a day or overnight tour to meet her in-laws on an Emberá Village Tour or go out on the Panama canal to see wild monkeys, sloths and toucans and connect with the Mer-goddess of Lake Gatun. If you need a complete get-away from your hectic life try one of Anne's Unplugged Adventures in the  Emberá Village.  Anne's sense of adventure, passion, respect and playful attitude are the perfect recipe for a truly life-changing and unforgettable vacation.


Anne loves to share the beauty and diversity that Panama has to offer with her clients.  She offers wildlife viewing Nature Tours on Lake Gatun and around the city as well as combination Canopy Zipline and River Float tours.  Visit 16th century Spanish forts and the town of El Valle, located inside an extinct volcano.  Or explore Panama City with one of her expert Panamanian guides.

Anne founded Whale Watching Panama when she realized there was nobody offering whale watching tours in the country.  Her tours are dedicated to offering Educational, Respectful, Responsible, and Fun whale and dolphin tours. She offers day tours from Panama city as well as 3 hour and full day tours from Contadora Island in the Pearl Islands of Panama.